16D BOP Accumulator Sizing and Performance Tool

Interlink Systems is now offering software to support calculations as described in API Specification 16D, 3rd Edition, November 2018. Though related to the older tool for 16D 2nd Edition, this new tool is completely rewritten to handle the different requirements of 3rd Edition, plus the calculations are done, and results presented in a way that makes it a useful design tool rather than simply confirming compliance with 16D. Some support for API 16ST coiled tubing accumulator sizing is included. 

The 16D Tool comes with project files for all of the API 16D 3rd Ed examples. There is also an manual discussing the examples in general, and specific comments, suggestions and errata for each example. For users familiar with the older 16D 2nd Ed software, there is a manual covering the differences and the specific steps to go through to import an old 2nd Ed file into the 3rd Ed tool. It is accompanied by project files for all of the 2nd Ed Examples with comments on each example, similar to the 3rd Ed examples.

Using the latest NIST equations of state for nitrogen and helium, the 16D 3rd Ed. tool is accurate to over 100,000 psia, making it useful for any system at any water depth.  This software works smoothly with Windows 7 through 11, and computers with multiple monitors.

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For update and technical information, see the 16D Sizing Tool support page.


The software is licensed on a subscription basis. Contact Interlink systems for details.

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