The Control Simulator - CS8

Simulate the operation of control systems that have very long supply or hydraulic control lines. CS8 allows you to define hydraulic power units; long lines of pipe, tubing, or hose; and subsea control circuits consisting of valves, accumulators, local fluid restrictions, and other components. It is designed to simulate the response of typical drilling and production systems commonly used in deep water.

CS8 simulates the real time response of the control system including pressures, valve positions, flow rates, and totalized flows. Use it to examine the sensitivity of the system to fluid properties, tubing size, valve operator volume, accumulator response at depth, and other parameters of importance. Other comon questions easily examined include valve response time, time to charge accumulators, totalized fluid for reservoir sizing, and allowable rate of valve actuation.

Points of Interest:

   - Hydraulic power unit with accumulators and multiple pumps
   - Hydraulic power unit can handle multiple main umbilicals
   - Handle long runs of tubing and/or hose
   - Supply lines can be branched to handle complex production cases
   - High accuracy accumulator model using nitrogen or helium
   - Handle the effects of reeled and helically bundled lines
   - Convenient, powerful built in plotting tools for graphic output
   - Build a library of components
   - Mix English and metric units at will

Download an expanded feature list and comparison to the older CSI
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Single user and company wide licenses are available.
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