2:35 PM 4/5/2013 Deep Water Accumulator Performance

The Precharge Calculator

Hydraulic accumulators operating at 5000 psia and above do not obey traditional ideal gas laws such as PV=k or PVn=k.  If you use ideal gas laws to size an accumulator, chances are that it will be way too small.  You can easily overestimate the available fluid by 100%.

Interlink Systems developed The Precharge Calculator to address this problem.  The Precharge Calculator is a software package that allows engineers to easily do accumulator sizing calculations with the most accurate and up to date gas law data available from the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). 

Points of interest:

    - Find optimal precharge pressure for any depth and temperature
    - Calculate pressure curve for the operation of a sequence of devices
    - Size a bank of accumulators
    - Depth compensated bottles
    - Conventional bottles with or without extra gas bottles
    - Compatible with the API 16D specs for drilling systems
    - Extremely high accuracy for real gas behavior
    - Isothermal, adiabatic, and anything in between (heat transfer allowed)
    - Handles nitrogen and helium
    - Handles pressures up to 17,000 psia

For update and technical information, see the Precharge Calculator support page


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